Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An Election Spoiler

Are you planning on reading political commentary, listening to the news channel talking heads or gathering with your friends to watch the election results roll in tonight? If that's all you'll be doing, you'll be missing out on the analytical powers of prophesy offered by one of the most sought after prognosticators of the primary election in one small region of Spokane, Washington. Specifically, I refer to the interactive science art installation titled:

"These Colors Don't Run (they grow mold, ferment, degrade, are infested with insects, turn to slime and just plain smell bad):
A Long Term Study Of The Forces Of Nature On Assorted Fruits From The Western United States"
Wood, Glass, Found Berries
Thomas Robey
January 8, 2008 - February 5, 2008

A longitudinal record of this tool demonstrates its 100% accuracy as a predictor of primary election outcomes - of all parties! But here's a refresher. I started out back on the "First in the Nation" primary on January 8 with an idea that an evolving installation of natural and formed elements could actually tell me who would win the presidential election. To my surprise, by the time Nevada and South Carolina rolled around, the test tubes' predictions corresponded to the outcomes of the race.

But that's all history. Today we face something bigger, something monumental, something so important that I am forced to turn to rotten fruit for guidance.

Let's start by taking account of the facts. The red rose hips are moldy. They have been consumed with different species. A mild filamentous growth is competing with a blue-green bread mold. That's right, red is being consumed by blue. More on that later. The most striking finding is that the snowberries have been consumed by a monoculture pearly filamentous species. The white rose hips are untouched. The small false grape have developed a dusting of white at the bottom inch or so of that sample. Surprisingly, the blue marbles' plaque-like mold has receded from the two fruits closest to the cork.

Here's what I draw from these findings:
  1. The Republicans (red rose hips) are spoiled. While not yet rotten, if one were to venture too close, a foul odor would certainly be detected.
  2. Red voters are thinking of crossing over to vote for blue candidates (blue mold).
  3. What once was portrayed as a leader/follower race on the blue side is now more balanced. One candidate has backed off on the degradation, while the other has wavered from the 'fresh' category to something better described as 'stale.'
  4. Whatever snowberries (third from left) represent is doomed. Maybe the middle road is still treacherous in American politics?
Anyone else want to throw in their two cents? I feel like I didn't inhale enough ethylene gas fumes before I started my interpretation. So come on: recruit your inner oracle to help me out. The fate of the free world is depending on it.

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