Friday, February 29, 2008

No Place Like Home

Spokane has been nice. It's a good place for students to learn medicine. I've learned a lot, and could probably take the final right now and pass. So, thank you Spokane.

There is, however, something about Seattle that whispers to me: "home."

We head there tomorrow. For 4 weeks. It's been 14 weeks since I've lived in the Emerald City; I have some catching up to do. The truth is that I'll see a lot more of Harborview Medical Center than of my 'real' home. But that doesn't matter to me now. My next post will be from the comfy chair in front of the fireplace.


gecko said...

Welcome home Tom! That's a beautiful picture from Kerry Park, did you take it??

thomas said...

I cropped this from an image derived from a scanned (gasp!) 35 mm print.

Can you tell when it was taken? (Hint: Note the color on top of the space needle)

gecko said...

Ah-ha!! The orange color of the Space Needle indicates that it was taken sometime in the year 2002, when the Needle was celebrating its 40th anniversary (and was repainted to its original color to commemorate that event). You caught it on a beautiful, beautiful day.