Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The moon passed through the lower aspect of Earth's shadow (also called the umbra) this evening resulting in a total lunar eclipse. My previous attempts at photographing the eclipse failed for three reasons.
  1. No good camera
  2. No good telescope
  3. No tripod
Thanks to Spokane's cloudless sky, look what I can do now!

Actually, I didn't need any of the above to get this image. Instead, I found a nice picture with the help of Mr. Google, then I rotated it in Photoshop to get to just the right angle, then voila! A striking representation of what I saw in the Spokane sky tonight. Well, except that the craters and plains on the moon's surface are in the wrong location...

Update! My former labmate from PhD land was interviewed on Seattle's King5 news about the eclipse. Watch the news segment here, and read about the Green Lake experience on her blog.

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Bhaanu said...

Its not the spoon that bends....they aren't in the wrong location, its just that you rotated the photograph, remember;) Nice imagery you've managed here, in our part of the world it wasn't visible. Just stumbled upon your space, pretty cool!