Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Looking Good After All These Years

Chuck D turns 199 today.

Hero to some. Pariah to others.
Misunderstood most of the time.

We're still talking about you and your ideas, Chuck.
I hope you don't mind.


jj mollo said...


gecko said...

Today is also the birthday of Abe Lincoln, Gromit (of Wallace & Gromit), and yours truly. I have great company!

gay CME guy said...

I didn't realize that CD and Abe shared the exact same birthday--date AND year! Gecko, I envy you. Of the February presidential birthdays, I have the misfortune of sharing mine with ronald reagan! (02/06) ;(
Abe Lincoln is my biggest hero from history. I'm still mad at my Mom for not holding out for six more days.