Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hillary Clinton has scored big in California. I bet Alameda County (Oakland) pulls Obama closer, but without San Francisco, LA and San Diego (Obama has done the best in cities), there is no way that he could win. It also looks like 10 % of voters sent in their absentee ballot indicating John Edwards as their choice... Sheesh. That's why you want to wait in the primary season. Anyway, the way the delegates are split up kindof favors the loser versus the popular vote in each district. If a district has 4 delegates, for example, the winner would have to get more than 68% of the popular vote to get 3 of those 4. Otherwise, the two delegate split them 2/2. Methinks it will take weeks for this to get figured out.

Cali has lots of memories now that my folks moved there. Favorite science memories include trips to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and my very first scientific conference: the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs in San Diego circa 1999.

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