Monday, February 18, 2008

High School Science Bloggers

I recently stumbled upon the efforts of a high school biology teacher to increase her students' fluency in online learning and discussion. I think it is smart to introduce them to the science blogging community, and what could be the future of science communication. Elissa Hoffman at Appleton East High School is moderating a blog called Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and she is looking for guest bloggers. Here is my unauthorized want ad placed on Hope for Pandora on her behalf:

Seeking scientists who can capture the attention and imagination of AP Biology students in east-central Wisconsin. Duties include posting one or more 500-1000 word entries to a weblog and participating in the online comments section. Candidates need not be local. Compensation in the form of warm fuzzies.

Sound interesting? Read this informational page. Cruise around the other entries and responses, too. But avoid this post.

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