Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry I've dropped off the radar the last few days. I had a last minute trip back to Seattle to take care of about a hundred things - all of which needed taken care of and some of which couldn't wait until March. I'll fly back to Spokane tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, I'm hanging with the undergrads at the UW's Odegaard Library while I finish up a response to reviewers.

The reason I decided to make a post is an observation from Saturday's caucuses. About 160 folks from my precinct showed up. 5 delegates went to Obama & 3 to Clinton. The strange thing about the speeches people gave was that several individuals decided to vote for Clinton because the media had wronged the Clinton family, made fun of Chelsea, or otherwise unfairly represented Hillary. Few people actually detailed the candidates' positions. The most interesting speech was by a man my age who had lived in Obama's state legislative district in Chicago before moving to Seattle.

I've procrastinated enough. Back to the grind.

This post was brought to you by the Doctor.

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