Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Commercial

If you are as un-American as I am, and will not be watching the Super Bowl this afternoon, or if you happen to live in one of the 26 states that will not have elections this week, you may yet be interested in seeing the first commercial ever placed in the Super Bowl by a political candidate*.

I'm sure it varies by market, but that this spot costs about $250,000 dollars in Boston. Now we know where that $32 million raised in January is going. Might it have been cheaper to buy a national spot?

I still haven't decided, but things keep pointing in the direction of Obama for me... I'm going to review the two remaining Dems' positions on health care again before I make a decision.

What am I doing with my time not spent in front of the TV?
  1. During the daylight, I'll be sledding.
  2. At night, I'll be working on manuscript revisions.

Hat tip to The Caucus blog, who by the way, misuses an apostrophe in the second paragraph of the post. It's not like I never misuse punctuation, but doesn't the NYTimes need to be held to a higher standard?
*I'm actually not sure this is true, but it sounds true. Can anyone out there help me fact check?


Ben said...

I've been back and forth between the two too, but from what I've read about Obama's stance on science and his attitude toward basing decisions, scientific and otherwise, on facts rather than hearsay or faith/gut feelings, I think that's too much for me to ignore.

Plus her laugh really scares the crap out of me.

Sarah Robey said...

So, remember in March when I came to visit you and you left The Audacity of Hope on my bedside table?

Your sister likes Obama. And she thinks you should see this:

The end!