Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First in the Nation

What this primary season needs is more science built into the decision making process. To satisfy all of the political empiricists out there, I have adapted my art installation test tube series for the conduction of a long-running experiment. This piece is meant to gage the reactions of the electorate. I-a-want to measure the extent to which politics can be evaluated in the test tube. After all, it seems as though the activation energy has reached a critical mass, especially for the newer reagents on the scene. Let's face it, there are a few catalysts out there fomenting for fermentation. Some of us are already degrading the drawn out run times for this current cycle of American politics. Red or blue, there are many who seek a phase change. More than a sampling would offer that anything could yield relief from the current entropic change we find ourselves in today. What I have for you is:

"These Colors Don't Run (they grow mold, ferment, degrade, are infested with insects, turn to slime and just plain smell bad):
A Long Term Study Of The Forces Of Nature On Assorted Fruits From The Western United States"

Wood, Glass, Found Berries
Thomas Robey
January 8, 2008
For those of you keeping track, this is the third version of this living installation. (First & Second) In keeping with the tradition of scientific classification, from left to right we have:

Wild Rose Hips (large, shriveled by frost): Spokane, WA
Wild Rose Hips (small, firm): Spokane, WA
Snowberry: Seattle, WA
Wild Rose Hips (medium, blanched white): Spokane, WA
Wild Grape: Lafayette, CA
Blue Marble Tree Fruit: Honolulu, HI

Yes, Yes, I know - Three different rose hips! I would invite you to find red and white berries in Spokane. In the dark. Beneath several inches of snow. After working in a hospital for 12 hours... What I lack in diversity of species, I hope I make up for in geographic diversity.

Check back for periodic updates on the developments of this piece. Frankly, my expectations are about the same as for the current primary races: decay and destruction with the hope that something great comes of the mess.

Props to DrugMonkey for planting the seed for this experiment.

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