Sunday, January 06, 2008

Darwin Trounces HIV

This just in: Charles Darwin has won the 2007 Spring Science Showdown. For those unclear of this event, it is a parallel (yet protracted) version of college basketball's March Madness. 65 themes, subjects, ideas and personalities from all corners of science converge for a grand battle of wit. Each match-up consists of a science blogger's play-by-play (sort of) commentary on the relative merits of the two entities facing off. The final match was between Darwin and HIV, and in a curious twist was decided by readers' comments. As you can see from this post, Darwin won. Some interesting past match-ups featured internal medicine (my current clerkship), Thomas Kuhn, invertebrates and fossil fuels.

I hope that I can be part of Spring Science Showdown in 2008. With my real-life basketball team (Pitt) missing two of its starters to injuries, I think I am going to need some more abstract objects to root for. As for credentials, I offer this commentary.

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