Thursday, January 03, 2008

Looking Forward by Reflecting Back

Dr. Free-Ride alerted me to a year-end tradition of referencing a sample of 12 posts from the previous year. Drugmonkey did it, too. Since it's already the new year, this will be a reflective exercise for me - and since I'm late as usual for these sorts of things, I've mixed it up to include the first sentence of the last post in each month. If you click on the month's name, you can read the whole entry (and those from the preceding of the month). Here's to blogging 2007!
  • January: Consider this entry the second in a series of accounts detailing the peril of trusting journalists to relay scientific findings to the public.
  • February: What? Another bogus study?
  • March: Those of you out there who have published scientific papers, have you ever seen this?
  • April: Is not driving to work going to affect my carbon footprint?
  • May: Have you seen a large, difficult to describe hominid wandering the shores of Puget Sound recently?
  • June: It's a Saturday night - June's final day.
  • July: Lately, my walks to and from bus stops or around campus have included a little foraging for berries, flowers, coyote scat and other cool stuff.
  • August: Evidently, today is BlogDay.
  • September: The game is tied in the bottom of the 10th.
  • October: A good cartoon tells it the best sometimes.
  • November: This is the third part in a series of posts describing a recent visit to two of northern Kentucky's attractions: the Creation Museum and the Ordovician fossil beds.
  • December: So continues documentation of my eclectic vacation...
This is a good representation of teaser lines. If I don't start with a question, I tend to insert a brief context update in each entry. If nothing else, this little exercise has made me aware of the importance of a good first sentence.

Carry on...

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