Monday, January 07, 2008

The Differential

And now for something completely different(ial):

I now have the privilege of posting weekly over at The Differential. I'll continue to write here at Hope for Pandora, but The Differential affords me a new audience, new colleagues and a venue to more formally explore my experiences and ideas concerning medicine, health policy and graduate medical education. You are welcome to read (and comment on) my entries over there, but if you are a med student, prospective medic or just interested in what the real-life 'Scrubs' is like, I encourage you to read my colleagues' daily posts.

I'll be sure to link each of my articles here whenever they are posted. Here is my introduction. I'll use one of these logos to alert you to a new post:
By the way, The Differential is part of MedScape, which is itself a branch of WebMD. I'll see you there.

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