Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you SAD?

If you've heard of SAD, you've also heard about light therapy. If you pass off light boxes as voodoo, you've overlooked a body of scientific literature indicating otherwise.

Head over to The Differential for my latest article about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in medical school. While you are there, check out the good posts by Ben and Kendra about medical marijuana and successful presentations on the wards. (Those are two different posts.)

Oh - and SharpBrains has the lastest installment of Grand Rounds. The gracious host accepted all 38 entries (so I got in!) and formulated each into a question for the next US President.


Drugmonkey said...

are you trying to sic the Monkey on that poor Kendra?

thomas said...

She seems really nice. I DID think that you might be interested in commenting there, though.

Drugmonkey said...

I bit. You are going to turn me into a crank, my man!