Thursday, January 03, 2008

10 Days Past Christmas...

  • The days are getting longer (hopefully diminishing SAD).
  • A forest of pine trees have commenced a slow march to the curb (hopefully to be composted).
  • Wrapping paper has been purged from living rooms (hopefully to be recycled).
  • Gifts have migrated from piles into their new homes (hopefully to be used).
  • And Christmas is in decay (hopefully to be bleached).

As a reminder, the original colors were:
, Laurel, Hawthorn, Salal Blossom, Fir Twig, Sumac Berry

But more specifically, Christmas is moldy...

Happy New Year.

Stay tuned for "Experimental Elections". Or perhaps I'll call it "Electoral Reactions." Or "A Test Tube Electorate." Or...

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