Monday, January 28, 2008

Floating An Idea

In between some pages for patients, I just finished watching snippets of Bush's SOTU and the Democratic response.

One of the calls was for a patient who developed severe tachycardia (his heart rate shot to 150-170) just as Bush began his speech. He assured me that it was not anxiety that caused the spike.

But I digress. If you are planning to vote for a Democrat in the fall, I need your advice. What do you think about the strategy of getting behind your candidate, but not so much that you are upset if she/he doesn't get the nomination? Or is this just a rationalization for me to justify not picking a horse in this race?


Anonymous said...

you are being perfectly sensible. the reason why is that all three of the top Dem's would be acceptable to you. deal with it


Ben said...

Yep. I pretty much don't care who the Democratic nominee is at this point, so long as he or she is elected President.

Go Obama! I mean, Clinton! I love you, Mike Gravel!

gay CME guy said...

Edwards is really my favorite. But, he's not going to get it. I hope that which ever of the other two gets the nom, they'll choose him for VP.
Our primary is part of next "Super Tuesday". I do believe that we will have clear candidates after that.