Saturday, January 19, 2008

SC And NV As Measures Of The Southern Electorate

It looks like Hilary Clinton has won the Nevada Democratic caucuses. Romney took the Republican vote there, and at this time, South Carolina is still up for grabs. Let me try to break down the implications of this for you by consulting my clairvoyant test tube wonder-rack.

It appears that the blue marbles at right (proper name: Elaeocarpis grandis) have developed a white scaly monospecies growth. The effect is quite striking, a simple, raised white scale with well demarcated borders in 0.5 mm to 8 mm diameter colonies involves the surface of each fruit without altering the underlying azure pigmentation. The next development since New Hampshire is a localized proliferation of filamentous grey mold on select snow berries. Colonization is limited to berries that have undergone chromatic denigration (white to brown). Numerous unaltered berries persist. The other specimens remain grossly intact, but with minor signs of degradation and dehydration.

What does this all mean? I invite you to consider these berries' initial presentation and put forth your own opinion. Rarely is one person's political commentary enough. Since this is my blog, I'll start us off.

My read of the blue marble phenomenon has troublesome implications for the Democratic party. To have such a large contingent of the blue tubes' representation contaminated with mold suggests either that the principles or approach of the party is failing. An alternative interpretation is that one tube (one candidate, perhaps?) is off to a quick start but that the direction is fallible. What about the lack of change in the red tubes? We must consider that the red tubes do represent the conservative party. Conservatives tend to resist change, after all. The small amount of dehydration (indicated by shriveled skin) demonstrates some initial signs of fatigue early in the race. We might expect some of the specimens to endure the race differently. It will be interesting to seewhat happens by the next primary. Super-Duper Test Tubesday appears to be the next contest of note. Check back then for more completely serious analysis.

I hope by this point that you realize my method as no more rotten than the analysis techniques favored by the talking heads on the news networks.

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