Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Whatever goes on in the world, there will still be sick people.

Evidently, the world is on the brink of financial collapse. Somehow, I missed that. While folks from Wall St. to Main St. were freaking out about the economy, I was talking with a patient who had been largely unconscious since last Thursday. This is a Gram stain of a sample of that patient's cerebral spinal fluid:

What's your diagnosis, doctor?

I also understand that yesterday was a holiday. Of all the national holidays, Martin Luther King Jr. Day has always been the one with the most regimented for me. Sometimes I would fast on that day, I would always read some of King's writings, often I would participate in a community service project; yesterday I took call. The only nod to the holiday I experienced were some residents questioning whether it was actually a holiday, and a newspaper article about how (unlike 800 other cities) Spokane has no geographical reference to Martin Luther King Jr.

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