Monday, July 30, 2007

Too Busy To Read This?

If you are too busy to read this article, then you should definitely read it. Dr. Free-Ride has posted some thoughtful takes on what it means to balance, er... juggle numerous tasks in the context of academia. She makes use of a good metaphor and makes it work really well. I'd say I am in a 'don't throw any more balls up into the air' phase of my life.


Drugmonkey said...

Every "stage" of life has periods when you think you are as stressed and overworked as you can possibly be. Remember finals week? Now that you are cranking toward dissertation wouldn't you long for the ease of a simply finals-cram?

When you have papers to be written and revised, grant deadlines approaching, collaborators to appease, upcoming tenure decision, lazy postdocs to motivate, crappy techs to fire, animal protocols to revise WHILE supporting a spouse's efforts at a career and caring for your kid who just got sick in the middle of the day again......

well, this time of your life just might look like a lot of fun!

thomas said...

Good point. I'm still going to put off any 'new balls' for a couple of months. I even might let some fall (if only momentarily).