Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Science Writing

Now that I have a good collection of experimental results, I need to shift from amateur science writing to writing science professional for the next few weeks. I'll be posting here only the most interesting ideas that cross my desktop. In the interim, consider checking in on some of the topics I post about the most. I've made some recent contributions from the center about one element of the abortion debate. Or, while I sort out some stem cell data, you could mull over some stem cell policy. Give the planet a break and consider some ways that you could lessen your impact on global warming. Maybe you are interested in some of my takes on the MD/PhD combined degree physician scientist training program and the interface between science and medicine. Finally, this week I will be collecting hearts from the last of my animal research subjects. While I do that, you should surf over to check out some of their cousins hamming it up for the camera.

If you have already read all I have to offer and need more, there is good stuff at two carnivals I recently participated in: Carnival of the Blue and Christian Carnival CLXXX. Dr. Free-Ride and DrugMonkey reliably provide thought-stimulating posts at their blogs, so give them some visits as well. Have a great week!

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