Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Call for Entries

Having spilled 1.5 N hydrochloric acid on my pants and shoes this afternoon and witnessed with chagrin the chromatic effect of acid on leather and fabric, I thought that it might be fun to connect with others over 'ruined' lab garments.

In my case, the leather on the shoes turned from grey-beige to purple, but was rescued after application of a Borax buffer.

The pants turned from brown to pink and were not salvaged.

Anyone else out there have a sad story of lab-affected clothing?


Karen Ventii said...

I had a bad experience with Chromerge. It's a mixture of chromic acid and sulfuric acid used for cleaning glassware. It had, unknown to me, spilled on the lab bench, eaten through my T-shirt and burned my skin before I even knew what was going on! Scary experience.

thomas said...


Thats a lot worse than the soapy water that collects near lab sinks that always seems to leave a waist-high horizontal wet mark. And certainly worse than the comparatively mild 1.5 N HCl.

What does that acid burn look like? Does it blister?