Monday, June 02, 2008

Alaska + Animals = Alaskanimals

It's fun to be in Alaska for the summer. The birch trees budded, bloomed and filled their limbs with leaves in about a week. The animals don't mess around either. As soon as it thaws, the fauna get out to load up on calories. Our animal list is phenomenal so far. And it's only been three weeks. Even less if you nix the time we spent removing gall bladders and delivering babies. So in 5 days, we've seen...

Hmmm. No one likes a list. Now that I've uploaded the files to my laptop, I'll periodically post pictures of what we were able to catch with the camera. Hopefully, I'll catch up before we go to Denali this weekend. The first two animals are two of my wife's favorites. Ironically, I've also found specimens of each for future use in Wunderkammern. In one case, a hoof and another case a foot. Lucky for me. Not so lucky for the donor.

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