Monday, June 16, 2008

Workshopping a Personal Statment

So you're trying to write your medical school or residency application personal statement? Are you stumped? Do you feel like your missing something? Do you have writer's block? Here's a little exercise modified from my school's residency application handbook to help you get your ideas out. I've been pondering drafts of my personal statement for a while, but the exercise of sitting down and answering these questions helped me fill in some of the gaps.

* What are the skills valued by specialty? How have you demonstrated them?

* Has coursework shaped your specialty decision? How?

* Have you had any experiences outside of school that were significant to you personally and professionally?

* Do you have any other interests and experiences that demonstrate your values and individuality and may be a resource to a residency program? List them!

* What is the reason for applying to your specialty of choice?

* What are the characteristics of an attractive residency program?

* What are your personal and professional goals? Including practice location, style, and emphasis...

* Does your family status impact your vision?

I left some space so that you can imagine your answers. Or print this out and write them down. Or type between the gaps. It's not enough to think about them. Put your ideas in writing and your statement will come together more fully!


jessicaabruno said...


Just read your latest Medscape Med Students Differential entry and have been reading your entries off and on. Just wanted to respond to it, but can't post my response to you Medscape because they feel I'm not pre med or med or etc and have no interest in being in the field or etc.

Think thats it for now.

thomas said...

I think that the direct link to my article over there includes a comments section that anyone with a valid email or homepage address should be able to reply to. Let me know if it does not work, and I can speak with my editor.

jessicaabruno said...


Please read my more of my response to find out why I can't commented on Medscape anymore.

thomas said...

Anyone can comment over at Medscape, unless you have been blocked for posting offensive comments.