Tuesday, June 17, 2008

5 x 10^6 Firefox Downloads!

It's time you thought about updating your browser. Version 3 of the free open-access Firefox web browser is live! What? You don't surf using the best web browser? Only 18% of all browsing is done on the Firefox platform? (Microsoft's Explorer carries 75%.) You better get busy and download

If you can see it (some people block pesky ads), click on this button to download Firefox with the especially useful Google toolbar. If you do it today, you'll contribute to the world record goal of 5 million downloads in one day. And I think I get a dollar for referring you. Need any more rea$on to jump on the bandwagon?


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

A dollar?

I downloaded and installed it and it all ran smoothly. No settings lost, no history lost, no cookies lost. Everything was just as it had been. Except now it's faster.

gecko said...

Looks like they made it, and then some!


I downloaded it too, but before I read your blog - sorry I didn't contribute to your AdSense profits!