Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exam Branching Diagram

To assist your complete understanding of my medical school experience, I have prepared the following flow chart detailing the way I feel before taking an exam, immediately after the exam, the grade result and what I think on my way home from the exam. Granted, we usually don't get the grades until weeks after, but I'm the blogger, so I'll present the information the way I want to.I bet you want to know how I felt after each of my clerkship exams... Even if you don't want to know, there's a reason I want to tell you:
  • Pediatrics: Blue-Green-Orange-Red
  • Family Medicine: Orange-Red-Blue-Blue
  • Medicine: Green-Blue-Green-Orange
  • Surgery: Blue-Orange-Orange-Orange
  • Ob/Gyn: Blue/Green --> The exam is tomorrow! --> Green
  • Psych: Ask me in September
The point of this little exercise is to indicate how poor I am at predicting:
  1. Readiness for an exam
  2. Whether I knew the answers
  3. What grade I'd get on the exam
  4. My mood after taking the exam
Careful readers will notice that I haven't aced many exams. Don't worry - that doesn't mean I haven't done well in medical school. Depending on the clerkship, the exam consists of a variable contribution to the final grade. And I don't REALLY hate medical school. SOmetimes I think that I do, however.

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