Thursday, June 26, 2008


Activity on this blog been down of late, mostly 'cuz I've been busy finishing my Ob/Gyn clerkship. Well, then there's that pesky truth that I mostly write for myself.

But I thought I might get one guess for my previous riddle. Yes, it was complicated and as my first blog riddle, maybe too hard. My wife suggested I turn the puzzle into a joke. So here's your first clue:

A surgeon, a pathologist and an oncologist are on a hike in the forest when they encounter a burly tree (See the recent post for a picture). Curious, they sit down to ponder their discovery. The surgeon proposes they cut open the burl. The pathologist thinks that's a good idea; she whips out her pocket microscope to examine it. The oncologist goes on about a two-hit hypothesis and proposes dumping toxic chemicals onto the tree's base. What do you call this conclave of MDs?

And your clue is this: the answer is the same as one of the items in the pathologist's possession.

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DJH said...

i feal so stoopid, i ain't able to figger this darn thing out.

Maybe the Burl Ives Trio? Haha. No clue.

Two observations that have nothing to do with the solution. 1) It is amazing how fast your blog posts showed up in Google. I searched for dry aesthetes and the first 3 results were your post and 2 other pages with your post on them. 2) On the Wikipedia page for Pathology, there is a link down at the bottom to the Wikipedia page for "burl", but it isn't mentioned anywhere else on the page. Was that you? :)