Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Photos as Proof

The pictures I take tend to fit into four categories:
  1. Fun Portraits
  2. Scenic or Art Shots
  3. Proof Photos
  4. "I could blog about that someday"
Of these, you'd probably expect to see the last variety here. But since I'm explaining this to you, and included a cryptic third category, you should have picked up that I'd post type 3. Proof photos are not of the best quality, composition or interest, but they do prove that you've seen what you claim. Celebrities, animals and landmarks find themselves in this category. You get to see some animal proof photos from a trip we took to Valdez, Alaska a couple of weekends ago. Arranged in a photo montage, here is evidence of both black bear and brown bear sightings. The black (on the left) is a clear call. The brown, spotted at mile post 3 of the Richardson Highway (where the road to the pipeline terminus turns) was with a cub. Note the pronounced shoulder as she trotted across the road and the large, round ears. Black bears can be brown in color, but methinks this was a grizz!Anyone able to support or deny this claim?

Update 6/8! This is definitely a black bear that happens to be brown. Grizzly bears look a lot different. Had to go to Denali to gain the needed experience to make this assessment...

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