Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rotten Politics

The time has come for two more states to weigh in on who will be the presidential candidates in November. My state has already caucused, so my opinion was heard. Technically it hasn't been counted yet. In such a state of limbo, I am forced to rely on my prognosticator of elections past present and future. This tool is also known as:

"These Colors Don't Run (they grow mold, ferment, degrade, are infested with insects, turn to slime and just plain smell bad):
A Long Term Study Of The Forces Of Nature On Assorted Fruits From The Western United States"
Wood, Glass, Found Berries
Thomas Robey
January 8, 2008 - May 6, 2008
Refresh your memory of what these candidates... I mean samples... looked like on Day 1. Of note is that the berries on the far right were collected in Hawaii, one of the places Barack Obama calls home. Also note how the other blue sample is molding from the bottom up. The red berries are white with mold, and the white berries are either a slimy mess or a tinge red... In past installments, I have ruminated extensively over the meanings of the relative degradation of the various red, white and blue berries, resulting in predictions that have ranged in accuracy. Obama appears aged, hardened and perhaps stale. Clinton is increasingly foul. More than that, all I have to offer is:

They're all rotten.

Let's get it over with, already. We need to start from scratch! It's beginning to be berry season in the Northwest and I'm anxious to move on with this piece of art...


Drugmonkey said...

They're all rotten.

Let's get it over with, already. We need to start from scratch!

and that, in a nutshell, summarizes our political world. (just stretch the timescale to fit whatever elected term is under discussion and end with this seminal observation) brilliant political analysis my man!

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

It's too bad that we have to use politics to elect our leaders.

Politics makes good people turn rotten.