Friday, May 30, 2008

Two Big FOSEP Events

I haven't posted much about seminars held by Seattle's Forum on Science Ethics and Policy. They have two fantastic events coming up that you should know about. If I weren't posted out here in the Alaskan bush, I'd line up to sit in the front row!

On June 2, PZ Myers of the Pharyngula blog is coming to the Pacific Science Center for a talk titled, "On Science, Blogs, and Intelligent Debates." It's at 7:00 PM and is co-hosted by the Northwest Science Writers' Association.

The very next day, Melanie Roberts, FOSEP founder and two-time AAAS Policy Fellow will speak about "How can YOU influence the federal policy process." She worked in Senator Jeff Bingaman's office and at the NSF. That talk is on the UW campus at 4:00 in the Health Sciences Building's room 747.

If you are in Seattle and are reading this blog, I think you'll find both of them interesting!

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