Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recycling in Fairbanks

I am very happy right now because I just learned where to recycle aluminum cans in Fairbanks, and it's within walking distance of my apartment!

There are four locations. Two collect and two buy the metal.
  • Collector: Fairbanks North Star Borough 456-1482
  • Collector: Joy Elementary School 456-5469
  • Buyer: C & R Pipe & Steel 479-5174
  • Buyer: K & K Recycling 488-1408
The numbers are (of course) all 907 area codes. Hopefully, if I leave my cans at Joy Elementary School, someone will take them to a buyer to raise supply money for the kiddos.

There aren't many other items that can be recycled. Paper is on hold, glass is not available. Copper, metal scrap and cell phones are accepted at various locations, as is cooking oil. Head over to Green Star for more information.


Anonymous said...

thank you for linking your comment to Green Star, this has helped me ALOT with starting recycling in our own home here in Fairbanks

Diane and Joe Huebner said...


My husband and I just moved to Fairbanks. We understand garbage has to be taken to "transfer stations" in town but we can't find a map with them. We'd also like to recycle our glass bottles while we're at it.

Any suggestions?