Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome to Fairbanks

9:30 PM

As in, I took this photograph of my rental car at 9:30 PM.

I'm in Fairbanks for my obstetrics and gynecology rotation. My wife will be doing surgery. Today consisted of finding the hospital, the outpatient clinic, and a delicious Korean restaurant in a bowling alley's basement. We also paid visits to the Safeway for groceries. This evening, it's 63 degrees and party sunny. Notice in the photo above the power cord hanging out of the Subaru's grille. This isn't some alternative energy scheme, when temperatures drop, a preheated engine increases the chances of successful start and also reduces emissions. We don't expect to use the plug. After all, we noticed college co-eds from the University of Alaska walking down the street in shorts and bikinis this afternoon!

In Spokane, our apartment was adjacent to Lincoln Park, which offered a nice place for evening strolls. Here in Fairbanks, we're just next to a bird sanctuary called Creamer's Field. On our exploratory walk this evening, we saw sandhill cranes! Some were engaged in their silly mating dance.

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gecko said...

Sounds like you made it to AK safe and sound! Hope you guys have a great time up there!