Friday, September 28, 2007

Seattle Speaking Science: October 5

Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet will be in Seattle next week to give their Speaking Science 2.0 talk. The Forum on Science Ethics and Policy is flying them in Thursday, and they will make some presentations on Friday.
Here are the highlights:
  • 11:00 A- Matt Nisbet: "Indirect Truths: Research and Public Scholarship in the Nation's Capital" UW HUB 106B
  • 12:30 P- Chris Mooney on KUOW "The Conversation" 94.9 FM in Seattle
  • 3:00 P- Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney: "When Science turns Political: Tips and Tools for Communicating Science" FOSEP Members (Want to join FOSEP?)
  • 7:00 P- Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney: "Speaking Science 2.0" Pacific Science Center Eames IMAX Auditorium
  • 8:30 P- Chris Mooney Book Signing
  • After: McMenamins Pub
Come one, come all. Hopefully, I will not be on call that night...


Mark Powell said...

I'll be there. Depending on how busy I get, I'm going to try to come for the daytime events, but I'll certainly make the evening fun.

thomas said...

I'll let you know at which events to find me after I learn about my call schedule. (I hear Monday.) I definitely will not be at the daytime events.

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

Chris and Matt were in Minneapolis last night (9/28), but instead of merely giving a talk they participated in a forum with PZ Myers and Greg Laden. They abbreviated their presentations, but I found it interesting.

But there are two points that they hit on and on one they all missed the mark:

They deplored the education system, but I still think that, as a parent anyway, the education system can only do so much in a society in which Reality TV, and especially American Idol and the like, are the dominant popular frames taking away from the popular engagement with science issues.

In such a society, all that people want are the headlines on science, and they can be very confusing if you only skim them or read newspaper articles about them. The kids aren't paying close enough attention, and the teachers are beating their heads against the wall trying to get them to learn, but you can't pour water into a bottle when its cap is still on.

The second part was that Chris tried to deflect the "New Atheism Noise Machine" issue, by saying they agree in 99% of the causes of the negative framing that science receives from the right, but Matt later raised the issue in the Q&A, and it didn't give us a chance to discuss the issue that was the main reason I went.

I will do a full report within the next few days at my own blog, but I still have to figure out the rss issue.