Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Clipboard for the Wards

I recently stumbled across a tool that could be of use for medical students on the wards. I haven't even started my first clerkship in earnest and it's come in handy already! Called the White Coat Clipboard, it's a sturdy aluminum clipboard that folds in the middle so that you can tuck it into one of your white coat's pockets. The part that is different about this one is that there are about a hundred important quick reference items printed onto the waterproof sticker, and the hinge allows for the board to be folded without creasing papers. It costs $29.95 on the website, but if you get a group together of of fellow medical students, you can get the price lower. (I heard about $20.) Here's a picture from the website where you can order the product:
Update 9/25/07: I emailed the folks at to ask what their bulk pricing is, and this was their reply:
A bulk discount is available for purchases of 6 clipboards or more. Some students have found that there is enough interest among their classmates to make bulk purchases possible. If so, for any order of 6-10 clipboards the bulk price is $19.95 each. For orders of 11- 20 clipboards the price is $18.95 each. For any order of 21 or more clipboards the price is $17.95 each.
So there you have it.

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