Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Hill

Today, I am in the other Washington visiting the my senators and representative (or their staffs) to advocate for science. My personal points are simple:
  1. Continue to increase NIH and NSF funding.
  2. Ask that the arbitrary limits on human embryonic stem cell research be removed and more logical system of oversight be instituted.
I will also put in some words for this great organization on the UW campus called FOSEP. McDermott, Murray and Cantwell are already on board with science, but I suppose it is still good for scientists to be known...

I am here with the Joint Steering Committee for Public Policy. You should consider signing up for their email notification list. (They only send one email a quarter.)


Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

If you get a chance, seek out Minnesota 4th District Rep Betty McCollum. She's my rep, and very education and science friendly. I have done some volunteer work for her, she may or may not remember my name, but it is worth a shot.

Have fun out there!

Drugmonkey said...

well? how'd it go?