Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jena Six Revisited

The best coverage of the Jena Six story I have read so far is on Why on a sports network? Mychal Bell was a star football player for the high school's team and was being scouted by LSU among other teams. He is still in jail, even though an appellate court has thrown out the charge; nor has Bell been permitted release on bail.


NoWalmart said...

Another good write-up, this one on Fox Sports, can be found here.

thomas said...

I strongly disagree with your assessment of the Fox Sports write-up. First, it is almost three weeks old. Second, the story starts with a jumble of non sequitur statements about the immaturity and lawlessness of professional athletes. Finally, whatever the author is proving is 'driven home' with a series of "No one mentions..." statements, that actually, people HAVE been mentioning. Implying that Bell's defense was adequate because the court appointed lawyer was Black? Come on! I cannot believe that FOX Sports actually paid this guy to write such a misinformed assessment of the situation.

Racism is rarely black and white. It's a disgusting mess. Rhetorical questions and antagonistic posturing is not the way to present this issue. Fox loses another few points from me.

NoWalmart said...

Let's try another article, then. Locals Dispute Growing Story of Jena 6.

You are correct, racism is very rarely black and white. Articles such as the write-up, however, are trying to make it so clear cut, often at the expense of the full truth.

Anonymous said...

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