Saturday, August 25, 2007

8005 Sand Point Way NE

The third piece I am contributing to next month's group show at COCA is the one that most closely follows the tradition of Wunderkammern.

8005 Sand Point Way NE
Wood, Glass, Collected Natural Specimens
16"x 12" x 8" (free standing, open)

Every natural item in this box was collected in my apartment, on the grounds, or very nearby. The items are arranged in accordance with a tradition of wonder cabinets: shelf position follows the 18th Century conception of hierarchical classification. Each item on the left column relates to air; items on the right are tied to the ground. Every slide is numbered and labeled. Viewers are encouraged to inspect items closely and return them to the proper shelf. For my web viewers, I have included some small images of selected shelves. All of the slides can be seen at my flickr account or (eventually) on my webpage.

That the "shelves" are not permanent and the labels are written in pencil permits this to be a continuous work of art, completed only after one permanently vacates the premises.

As I will be traveling to Anacortes, Spokane and Fairbanks for school this year, I am thinking of making a cabinet for each address.

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