Friday, August 17, 2007

Final Exam

For those paying attention, there is a change of venue for my dissertation defense.

Reducing Fibrosis and Cell Death in Transplanted Cardiomyocytes
Thomas E. Robey
September 13, 2007
3:00 PM
Hitchcock Hall 132

The previous room had only 48 seats. This auditorium has
150 fixed folding tablet-arm chairs (12 are left-handed).
So feel free to bring your friends! Also of note are the following amenities in the room:
  • Boothlet (HCK 132A)
  • Carpet (as shown)
  • Chalk Board - 31'3"
  • Ethernet
  • Motorized Screen - 15'x20'
So bring your wireless devices. If my presentation is too boring, you can surf the internets. Maybe you can read my blog!

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Drugmonkey said...


Live. Internet. Feed. Of. Dissertation. Defense!

[as if you need any additional stress]