Friday, August 31, 2007

Read These!

Evidently, today is BlogDay. The tradition of the day, as I learned from Mark at BlogFish is to alert readers to new ideas and new people. Here are some of the blogs I like to read and a few short reasons why.

BlogFish is a reliably good source for ocean news and surfing videos.

Adventures in Ethics and Science presents the musings of a professor with two PhDs (Chemistry and Philosophy), and if you are lucky those of her young children (called sprogs).

The Anterior Commissure satisfies your fix for sexy science.

Drugmonkey always has well-thought advice about two things that are probably more linked than we care to admit: controlled substances and grant-writing.

The World's Fair is where I head for inspiration on how to infiltrate my career with creativity and concern for social justice.

Tangled Up In Blue Guy is an atheist, pro-science, unapologetically liberal blogger who grew up in a small town. Check out his blog - even if you aren't those things.

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