Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is Spokane Far Enough?

“Then take a handy oar and go on until you come to men who know not the sea nor eat food seasoned with salt, nor know purple-cheeked ships or handy oars, which are the wings of ships... When another wayfarer shall meet you and say you have a winnowing-shovel on your glorious shoulder, then fasten the handy oar in the earth and offer fair sacrifices to lord Poseidon.”
Odyssey: xi.121-30, xxiii 268-76

I won't be heading to Spokane until January, and these paddles don't exactly look like the wings of ships, but I'm going to stick to this the metaphor.

I recently came across these photos from two years ago when three of us from the Murry lab commuted via Lake Union to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for a stem cell seminar. The best part was that we left the canoe in the visitor parking lot. Yue and Jonathan wanted to carry the canoe, so I was in charge of them not running into telephone poles, cars, etc.

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golob said...

Still more fun than the streetcar, and safer than a bicycle. ;p