Friday, August 10, 2007

Carbon Footprint: Food Miles

Today's carbon footprint column is short and sweet. Food miles is still a new concept for do-it-yourself environmentalists, so is worth another spin. Buying from markets and fruit stands makes for tastier meals, connects you to your environment, and is healthy for the local food industry. But if its the food miles you want to figure out, read these:
  • A New York Times opinion piece by James McWilliams defines food miles.
  • Benjamin Cohen at The World's Fair expands on the concept with an insightful analysis.
Have a nice weekend. I recommend you find some local sweet corn.

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monado said...

How about clothing miles? What are they paying people in China so that they can sell clothing here for half the price it would cost if made in Canada? Or what are they paying in the U.S. so that free trade can devastate the Canadian clothing industry even with the price of gas to import from the U.S.?