Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Hate Washington Racists

The title above is a bad reference to the 1980 classic movie: The Blues Brothers. In one scene, Jake and Elwood (by that point, well entrenched in their "mission from God") encounter a traffic jam caused by a parade of Illinois Nazis. They ask an officer what is going on; he says the Illinois Nazis got a permit for a parade. Elwood scoffs, "Illinois Nazis!" to which Jake replies, "I hate Illinois Nazis." They promptly accelerate through the parade causing the uniformed Nazis to jump from a bridge into a small river. (Was the bridge in Peoria?) For a refresher, see:

I cite this example of intolerance because of something more relevant to 2007: Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. This was a nationwide series of events sponsored by David Horowitz from the Los Angeles-based Freedom Center, a conservative think tank. I was annoyed about this issue last week when I read that the event was occurring on the University of Washington campus, but Robert Jamieson really got me (and at least one other person) riled up in a recent well-thought column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Chances are good there were events in your city.

Such ignorance as this makes me want to find a 70's vintage police cruiser and drive it through my school's quad (also called Red Square) during one of the events. It's a good thing 1) the 'awareness' week is over, 2) I don't know where to find old police cruisers, and 3) due to medical school, I don't have time for such tomfoolery.

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