Sunday, October 07, 2007

Meet the Intern

After a week of being internless, I finally got to meet the person in the hospital hierarchy that I will work most closely with. I'll call her Lou. You see, last week all of the first year residents were away at a retreat getting to know each other. That left the floor teams (who depend on the dynamo interns) understaffed and the new medical students listing - especially me, having not been a part of a care team before. On Saturday, I was on call with my intern, so was able to follow someone both familiar with the hospital and cognizant of the medical student's position. At one point, she asked, "Do you learn well from reading papers?" I wanted to say, "I did just receive a PhD," but instead replied, "I think so." This could work out nicely. At least for two more weeks, when I move on to outpatient training!

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