Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Fifty years ago today (10/4/1957), a beachball-sized hunk of aluminum was launched into orbit. The consequences of this single action propelled the US and the USSR into a space race. Sputnik resulted in more than escalation of the cold war. It also highlighted the role of science in society. I could ramble on about this here, or you could head over to Thursday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer to read my guest column, titled, "Where did Sputnik lead us?".

To be fair, several other Sputnik-themed articles have hit the presses. Some of Seattle's are again in the PI (by way of the Economist), and in Crosscut. I am glad they permitted me to plug Friday's Speaking Science 2.0 talk at the Pacific Science Center.

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golob said...

Nicely done Tom! I give all credit to your editors. ;p