Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Sad Science of Disabled Vets

This King of the Nerds column was good when I read a draft two months ago; now it's great.

His first column last week got rave reviews, but Jonathan Golob's piece today about the increasing severity of war injuries right on the money. Note that Jonathan's boss is Dan Savage...

These days, I'm a closet patriot. I'm a real live nephew of my Uncle Sam's (born on the 4th of July) so have always appreciated the fireworks and red-white-and-bluedom of stereotypical patriotism. I hung a flag after 9/11, but then had to take it down when we invaded Iraq. As my politics moves further to the left, I've realized that the patriot can manifest in many forms. The guy on the overpass holding the cardboard sign that says, "Impeach Bush," is just as concerned about our country as the moms with their yellow ribbons in front of Fort Lewis. If you want an idea how to be patriot scientist, be sure to read Golob's article.

In highlighting the reasons disabled vets are more prevalent now than ever, Jonathan puts the capital letters in Citizen-Scientist.

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