Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Case for Faculty Unions

Janet Stemwedel (nom de blog Dr. Free-Ride, of Adventures in Ethics and Science) has just posted an excellent entry about unionized faculty in the Cal State University system. My 4 readers may recall my own perspectives about academic unions - most notably my objection to the graduate student variety. This long post presents history, motivations and reflections about faculty unionization, and how that relates to the labor of love called higher education.


The Constructivist said...

So I take it you're not a fan of Workplace?

thomas said...

It would take me a while to figure out what Workplace is. In my post, I thought that Dr. Free-Ride made a good case for faculty unions. I am 'against' the graduate student union as it exists at the University of Washington. I elaborate my case on a different (now defunct) blog.

So whether I am a 'fan' of Workplace would depend on my spending a good amount of time reading articles on that site and whether I think that the material is well presented.

I will have to get back to you about that : ) (And I'll check out your blogs in the meantime...)

Thanks for the link.