Friday, May 18, 2007


The winner of this first contest at Hope for Pandora gets a FOSEP pen. The fancy clicky type.

While I was finishing data collection for one of my experiments, I came up with a clever title for a blog post or opinion article. Since I am currently too tired to think, I have decided to solicit opinion from you all about what article should go with my overly clever title. You're right - I admit this is just a way to PUNt my creative blogging duties. The title is:

"Conscience vs. Con Science"

Your task is to suggest for me a topic and a catchy lead sentence. I will do the rest of the work of writing a post. I might even have to argue for something I don't believe in...

The entry deadline is May 25. Submit your entry as a comment below.

I will mail the pen at my expense anywhere in the world.

Yes, I was sad when i found out that someone else already thought of this pun. He even titled his blog Conscience vs. Con Science.

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