Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SPUWing Science Ethics and Policy

For those of you Seattleites interested in science ethics and policy, here's a heads up for an ongoing happy hour that anyone can attend. Science Policy at the University of Washington (SPUW) happy hours are an informal place where students, faculty and community members can come together to talk about science and society. This is sponsored by the Forum on Science Ethics and Policy, and will occur the first Wednesday of every month. Currently, we meet in the back room of the College Inn Pub, at the corner of University Way and 39th St. We start around 5:30 and people stick around past 7:30. FOSEP pays for the snacks, leaving more funds for you to buy some pints. FOSEP's other events are much more structured - these gatherings are opportunities for camaraderie, networking, and the SPUWing of ideas. If you want more information, email me or post a comment.

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