Friday, June 15, 2007

Scientists: Meet Your Clergy

The Clergy Letter Project has accumulated statements of support for evolution from clergy and also promotes Evolution Sunday (the Sunday closest to Charles Darwin’s February 12 birthday). I am not so sure that we need to devote a sermon every year to evolution, the project's current effort at promoting scientist-clergy dialogue sounds worthwhile. As The Clergy Letter Project matures, they aim to provide more and better resources to clergy members who understand the importance of science and who do not find science to be a threat to their faith. (Wouldn't it also be nice if more scientists did not find faith a threat to their science?)

Here's where all you scientists come in to the picture. The project is beginning to create an on-line database of scientists who are willing to answer questions posed by clergy members. Consider if you are excited about the possibility of interacting with clergy members and their parishioners in an attempt to explain the beauty and power of science. If you are willing to provide technical advice to clergy members in need of such support, please sign up.

To enroll in this project, email Michael Zimmerman (mz at butler dot edu) with the following information:
Areas of Expertise:
Email Address:
This is a concrete way that you could help to build the relationship between science and religion.

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