Monday, June 18, 2007

Graduate Terror

From Seed Magazine's I Can't Believe It's Science weekly feature:
Does a graduate student in your lab or local university keep strange hours? Does he show unusual interest in scientific information that lies outside his prescribed tasks? Does he secretly talk to foreign people? If so, beware! He is exhibiting several espionage indicators and might be a spy or terrorist. FBI agents are currently warning the nation's top universities that they should keep their eyes peeled for potential foreign spies or terrorists infiltrating research facilities. The FBI plans to travel around New England over the next few months, offering faculty training on how to spot a bad apple who hopes to steal research... So, professors, if you notice a quiet student in your lab who works late into the night and is really, really into your science, be afraid. Be very afraid.
Uhhh... Doesn't this apply to every graduate student?

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