Friday, December 26, 2008

Interviews Continue

In the process of making some of my last reservations for airfare and hotel, I cannot help but think about how fortunate in these ever-worsening economic times we senior medical students are to have a say in where we will work next year. It seems more of a pain than a privilege to have to jet across the US in search of the best-fit residency. But as each interview unfolds and as I'm toured the guts of America's hospitals, and as I observe how emergency departments operate on this coast or that, I feel tinges of conflict. Here I am with great opportunities - only one of which I will pursue - while the patients I'm chomping at the bit to meet, treat and advocate for face the converse: evaporating opportunity, escalating suffering and vanishing resources.

When framed this way, I ponder canceling the rest of my interviews. My pro&con lists from each program pick out relatively small differences between places. In the end, I know I must continue on for another few weeks. While the next month may consist of greenhouse gas guilt, travel fatigue and missed loved ones, the four years of residency will consist of lost sleep, steep learning curves, stresses of responsibility and the anguish of bearing witness to great pain and suffering. It will be important to live in a context of a supportive environment. Academic, social and even political and geographic context will play a part in my decision to rank programs. After then, it is up to the big computer in the sky to decide where is best.

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