Thursday, December 04, 2008

4th in 5 Days

I'm in NYC ready to interview at the NYU/Bellevue emergency medicine residency. It's my 3rd city in 4 days, and tomorrow will be my 4th interview in 5 days. On my day off, I observed for a few hours in the New Haven hospital before going by Amtrak to NYC. I'm not particularly tired, but I do miss being home. Some things that have made this trip easier include:
  • Traveling by train in the northeast is easy: show up at the station, get on the train, work in peace and quiet for a few hours, get off the train & you're there.
  • Staying with friends from med school is great. Since I took 4 years to do my PhD, my classmates are all 4th year residents and therefore very knowledgeable hosts. It saves lots of ca$h, too.
  • Traveling light is a must. For me, that's a bike messenger bag and a shoulder garment bag.
Negatives include:
  • Not seeing or talking to my wife much - The three hour time zone difference further complicates the fact that she is working a night shift and sleeping days, and "everything's in a fog" for her.
  • Gum on transit seats. Bad form folks... If only we were in Singapore! My impromptu road extraction kit lacks a key solvent. Hopefully the friendly neighborhood dry cleaners will be able to help me next week. My evaluators will have to look REALLY CLOSE at my backside to notice the gum remnant!
  • Answering the SAME QUESTION over and again. At least my response stays the same each time.
Well then! Enough from me...


Anonymous said...

I noticed your comparisons of subways in the northeast to the MRT in Singapore and I am curious to know if you've ever been there before or if this knowledge is from word-of-mouth.

Best of luck for the rest of your interviews. :)

thomas robey said...

My reference to Singapore relates to my perception of an intolerance for gum chewing and especially for leaving gum in a place where someone could sit on it. I have not been to Singapore, but would not mind visiting someday...